Monday, January 17, 2011

Doodh Pooli

To complete our Poush Sankranti initiative I wanted to make Doodh Pooli which would also give us somewhat the flavour of payesh, atleast the patali flavored milk... The Pooli is same as the Bhapa Pithe only difference is that here they are not steamed instead are added to the boiling milk.

Doodh Pooli
Ingredients: (Doodh Pooli)
  • Rice Flour
  • Boiling Water
  • Evaporated Milk
  • Jaggery or Sugar
  • Elaichi Powder
First knead the Rice Flour using 1 tsp boiling water at a time to make a soft dough.

Make small balls and fill them up with the previously made filling and shape them as Pithe. For the filling recipe you can refer to my Bhapa Pithe recipe, it is the same filling I have used here.

In the meanwhile start boiling the milk, I used 1 can of evaporated milk so did not have to boil for long, otherwise you should boil the milk and reduce to half . To the milk add some elaichi powder and patali or sugar according to taste.

Add the Doodh Pooli to the boiling milk slowly and let them cook for about 10 -15 minutes.


  1. Santanu da,
    This blog is highly inspirational. Kodin thekei pithe r jonne mon kharap hochilo. Tomader recipe dekhe mone hoche this can actually be done!!! Now I am going to go and get all the ingredients for pithe :)

  2. @Purbasha

    ami anekbochor por Pithe kheyechi ei bochor. thanks to Anindita. Recipe ta is definitely doable. chesta kore janas kemon holo..

  3. Dear Anu and Santanu
    I am amazed to see, you are still making the traditional pithe...dudh puli and Ranga Alu-r pithe.. I had made this time after many years Puli and chusi pithe (chusi looks like macaroni made from rice flour) . But Ranga Alu pithe haven't eaten for ages. Thanks for the recipe.
    Have a nice weekend

  4. This was the 1st time I took the initiative to make it, and they came out perfect.. We both enjoyed them... We are glad that you liked the recipes..

  5. This dish is new to me ...looks delicious... I am surely going to try it out soon.


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